Why Beard Oil?

Beard oil is incredibly important for the modern bearded man. We all love our awesome, manly manes, but in order to keep them healthy and maintained it is imperative to supplement them with beard oil. In today's business environment it is important to be clean, but still be able to express your individual style. Washing our beards with soap removes all of our healthy oils from our face and hair, which leads our skin to become dry and the hair to crack and become brittle. After washing, apply beard oil in order to hydrate and rejuvenate your hair and skin. Keeping healthy skin is the key to keeping a healthy beard. By maintaining your beard with beard oil you will keep your significant other happy with a softer beard, you will be cleaner, smell fresh, and glow in the sun. Beard oil is recommended for beards of all shapes and sizes. We only use all natural and organic products in our beard oils. 

The following are great reasons for using beard oil:

- Maintain manliness

- Allows for regular beard washing without damage

- Keeps hair and skin healthy in dry climates

- Specifically designed for beard use

- No more scratchy beard 

- Appear thicker, and glisten in sun

- Scented

- Damn sexy!


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